Adon Preschool Center

Languages - Love - Life-Long Learning

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Our Mission

To inspire children, through quality care and instruction, to live purposefully through language immersion, companionship, laughter, mathematics, critical thinking, clean food, physical education, and entrepreneurship.


Our Undertaking

At Adon Preschool Center, we seek to graduate early learners that:

  • After learning in our model for four years, know three languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese) upon graduation.

  • Know the beginning stages of Algebra and have a firm grasp on budgeting

  • Appreciate human interactions and treats others with compassion

  • Seek purpose driving activities and can find purpose in all activities

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Our Environment and Our People

We seek to create a loving and caring environment for all learners. Full of experienced, humbled, well-trained, passionate people, our environment is one of warmth. We do not shake hands; we hug; we do not spotlight the negative, we accentuate the positive; we pour into students, as students pour into us. Moreover, we seek our physical environment to match our culture, one of warmth. Our physical buildings are safe, clean, vivacious, inviting and colorful.


Board of Advisors

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Enrolling ages 2 years to 5 years

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